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BOATBUILDING The world’s first recyclable racing boat 19/04/2023 Save article The one design Ecoracer (OD30) is believed to be the world’s first recyclable sportsboat. SHOW FULLSCREEN The one design Ecoracer is due to be launched in June The boat, which is due to be launched in June, is designed by Matteo Polli YD and built by Northern Light Composites (nlcomp). It has a length overall of 9.15m and a beam of 3.03m with a displacement of 1850kg. The craft is a recyclable composite solution for the boating industry’s end-of-life problem, say the founders of nlcomp who have been awarded the Smart Innovative Yacht Award in the Startup category at this year’s Smart Yacht Rendezvous held during the Monaco Ocean Week. Nlcomp aims to part of the transformation towards a fully circular economic model, solving the problem of abandoned fibreglass boats being left abandoned at the end of their life. The Ecoracer uses thermoplastic resin and natural and recycled fibres in the construction of the craft. The rComposite material, which is patent pending, can be recycled at the end of its life. It incorporates thermoplastic resin with natural or recycled fibres to lower the impact with the layers also including a recycled carbon surface protection, a carbon/flax basalt reinforcement layer and a core. Topics abandoned boatcomposites recyclingEnvironment & Sustainabilityglass-reinforced plasticsRecyclingVessel Launches

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AFTERMARKET More than 2km of wire used per yacht 14/04/2023 Save article Sta-Lok Terminals is returning as the official standing rigging supplier for the next edition of the Clipper Race. SHOW FULLSCREEN Sta-Lok is kitting out the Clipper 70 yachts prior to the next edition of the Clipper Race This will be the Essex-based company’s third edition of partnership with the round the world yacht race, with Sta-Lok again providing its fittings for the fleet of Clipper 70 ocean racing yachts. As part of the partnership, Sta-Lok provides hundreds of fittings and more than 2km of stainless-steel wire for the Clipper 70 rigs. Ahead of each edition, the 11 Clipper 70s are refitted with new fittings to ensure maximum safety of the rig in the severe ocean conditions faced. “We see this partnership as the main portal for us to represent our products around the world,” said Terry Barfield, Sta-Lok MD said. “Seeing the crew sailing in extreme weather and severe sea conditions in the footage that is sent back from the yachts is inspiring. “For us, we see that the teams are relying on our fittings to get them safely around the world, and the proudest moment for us is seeing the teams arrive safely back after a circumnavigation.” Fleet rigger, Andy Peck, added: “Sta-Lok supplies over 2400m of wire, plus around 40 fittings per yacht which are assembled by our rigging team by hand. Assembling over hundreds of fittings across the eleven yachts is a big task, so having a product that is so easy to assemble is key.” All the yachts are currently being refitted in Gosport, ahead of the start of the 40,000nm race which gets underway this summer. The announcement coincides with the rigging company’s 50th anniversary of manufacturing. Topics Clipper RaceMasts, spars, sails & riggingocean racingRiggingyacht race

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ENVIRONMENT & SUSTAINABILITY New sustainable mooring system to benefit sea life 17/04/2023 Save article Blue Parameters has developed and deployed its first Mermaid K, an Advanced Sustainable Mooring System (ASMS) for the Port of Jersey. SHOW FULLSCREEN English Braids has partnered with Blue Parameters and Seaflex to develop a sustainable mooring system Developed with partners Seaflex and English Braids, the system eliminates the use of chain which can be harmful to the seabed and marine life due to scouring. “The marine environment is a challenging space to operate in,” said Simon de la Rue, Blue Parameters director. “And with increased use, both recreational and commercial, the impact on the seabed and biodiversity has been significantly higher. “Bringing together the top partners in their fields will result in a new standard for mooring systems that protect the environment and allow nature to get back on its feet without compromising quality or safety for the marine industry.” The Mermaid K has a small footprint alongside synthetic system parts designed to extend the life of the mooring and benefit local sea life. SHOW FULLSCREEN The Mermaid K mooring system eliminates the use of chain It is a single point swing mooring, with a multiple point design – Parameter 3 – available for larger vessel numbers and wider applications for marinas, aquaculture, and navigational markers. There are also options developed to support restoration and biodiversity. “The project with Seaflex and Blue Parameters is the latest example of how blending existing experiences and technologies from like-minded and progressive companies can spur innovation and development in the sector,” added Chris Duffy of English Braids. Topics biodiversityEnvironment & Sustainabilitymooring systemSustainabilitySustainable mooring

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INDUSTRY NEWS Round the world sailor rescued 12/04/2023 Save article Ian Herbert Jones, skipper in the Golden Globe Race (GGR), has been rescued from the southern Atlantic. SHOW FULLSCREEN Ian Herbert Jones on board Puffin. Photo credit Ian Herbert Jones/GGR2022 The Shropshire based sailor had suffered a back and head injury when his Tradewind 35 yacht Puffin was rolled and dismasted. Race authorities were alerted by Ian using a YB3 satellite tracking and texting device and with Ian unable to cut the mast free due to storm conditions, and also suffering water ingress into the yacht’s hull a rescue mission was put into place. Three fishing vessels were diverted to Ian’s position along with a British fisheries patrol boat which was later stood down. SHOW FULLSCREEN The yacht Puffin, photo courtesy Jackie Zanetti & Alex Papij (Rusalka)/GGR2022 This was Puffin’s second circumnavigation – the first was in the GGR 2018. After Ian’s rescue by one of the fishing vessels, the yacht was scuttled as she was a hazard to safety. Ian had been in heavy weather with winds gusting up to 75 knots and an 8m sea. He had been unable to deploy his drogue or warps as the wind intensified. The race started last September with 16 entrants and is around 30,000 miles around the globe. Topics BoatingIndustry NewsSailingSailing boatSailing raceyacht race

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