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Wing sail nominated for innovation award14/02/2023Save articleAn automated, carbon fibre composite wing sail for yachts has been selected as a finalist for the 2023 JEC Innovation Awards.SHOW FULLSCREENRondal’s automated, carbon fibre composite wing sail has been selected as a finalist for the 2023 JEC Innovation AwardsDeveloped by superyacht spars and sailing systems company Rondal with project partners Curve Works and Artemis Technologies, the new wing sail concept aims to increase the market share of wind-propelled yachts.“Rondal’s passion for innovation, along with the design, simulation and manufacturing support of our partners Curve Works and Artemis Technologies has created an extremely exciting new sailing solution,” said Hermen de Jong, innovation manager, Rondal. “We can’t wait to continue leading the way in enabling a new generation of clean, silent and highly efficient yachts powered solely by the wind.”The wing sail has been created to be a highly efficient, automated, composite solid wing sail that can be ‘ready-to-sail’ in seconds.IndividualThe wing sail created is also thought to be the world’s first large structural composite wing produced using a single adaptive mould with integrated heating to manufacture individual curved wing skin panels from pre-preg materials which are then bonded together.Rondal and Artemis Technologies used simulation technologies to evaluate the wing design before the build of a 9m tall sailing prototype.A sailing test program also allowed the project team to validate the wing’s handling characteristics versus its predicted performance, providing data for the next stage optimisation of the wing control systems.For the construction, Curve Works integrated a new mould heating system within its adaptive tooling system.The JEC Innovation Awards winners will be announced at a ceremony in Paris on March 2nd.Rondal’s wing sail has been nominated in the category Maritime Transportation & Shipbuilding.TopicsArtermis Technologiescomposite wing sailCurve WorksInnovation AwardJEC GRoupMasts, spars, sails & riggingRondalSailingsparsSuperyachtWing sail

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15 years’ product R&D 09/01/2023 Save article Musto will launch an all new HPX collection in February 2023. SHOW FULLSCREEN Musto’s new HPX collection is the result of three years’ R&D The new ‘head-to-toe’ collection has taken three years of research and innovation, building on 15 years of product R&D. The recycled face fabric of the outer-layers features Bluesign approved fabric manufactured using approved chemicals, and produced in a resource-conserving way, with reduced impact on people and the environment. The range has been tested by Musto ambassadors including 11th Hour Racing Team, Sam Davies, Jérémie Beyou, Clarisse Crémer, and by the Clipper Race and developed using feedback from the sailors. The new fabrics have a slightly finer yarn than previously with a very dense weave. SHOW FULLSCREEN Musto has used Bluesign approved fabric in its new collection The tight weave means the little divots on the surface of the fabric, where water can sit, are much shallower than before and the fabrics now wet out more slowly and are less reliant on the DWR (durable water repellant) coating. There is also a new and more durable Gore-Tex breathable membrane that retains the high level of breathability and waterproofing of the previous version. The HPX Collection includes a base layer top and trouser, a mid-layer jacket and salopettes, an outer-layer smock, jacket and trouser (the latter in men and women’s styles), a drysuit, gloves, and waterproof socks. Cordura reinforcement on the knees and seat of trousers and drysuits together with the back of the smocks and jackets, provides added durability. Topics ClothingHPXMustosailing clothing

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AFTERMARKET Sustainable rigging for Clipper race 02/02/2023 Save article Marlow Ropes is to supply the forthcoming Clipper Round the World Yacht Race with its sustainably made and recyclable running rigging. SHOW FULLSCREEN Marlow’s BlueOcean Dockline was used in the last edition of the Clipper Race The agreement builds on a 20-year partnership between the two organisations and will be the first time the eleven-strong fleet has used this type of rigging. Throughout the relationship, Marlow Ropes has been able to research, develop and refine its products in the ultimate R&D setting – a 40,000-mile circumnavigation of the world’s oceans. During the last Clipper race each Clipper 70 yacht was rigged with a mainsheet made from a Bio-Dyneema core and a rPET polyester cover. The success of the product now means that the fleet can operate with additional sustainable running rigging in the next edition of the race. The ropes will now be made using a Bio-Dyneema core, and the majority of rope covers will be made from a blended Blue Ocean rPET (recycled polyester) yarn made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. The durability of the yarn was successfully trialled in the 2019-20 edition, with each yacht using Blue Ocean mooring lines used whilst docking in ports around the world. “The lines fared incredibly well in the last edition of the Clipper Race. We used a new sustainable cover on the mainsheets to test performance and found no difference in longevity between that and the products used previously.” Paul Honess, Marlow Ropes sales director added: “The development work and testing we’ve been able to do as a result of working with the Clipper Race over the years have played a significant role in bringing our sustainably manufactured yachting range to the cruising market.” Topics Clipper Round the World Yacht Race.Marlow RopesMasts, spars, sails & rigging

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