In its 46th year, the International Tug, Salvage & OSV Convention returns to Hamburg in 2014 after an absence of more than three decades. Approximately 13,000 sea-going vessels from all over the world enter this maritime hub every year, which is Europe’s second-largest port. The event, held every two years in a different location in the world, is the world’s largest gathering of tug, towage, salvage and OSV experts.

Marlow’s tenacious approach to innovation and customer service is proving to be a driving force in the rope market. Marlow uses DSM Dyneema® for all UHMPE ropes. DSM Dyneema® offers specification variants such as SK78, SK99 and DM20 for different strength and elongation characteristics. Products are available for escort and ocean towing, traction winches, and mooring.

Marlow Ropes will also be showcasing new products and latest technologies, including the Superline and 12-Strand Dyneema range, as well as the new ThermoCoat system.

With the focus clearly on applications and solving problems Marlow will be utilising this platform to showcase some of our most innovative and newest products available.