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NEWSDutch tall ship deaths due to wood rot26/09/2022Save articleAn investigation into the fatal accident onboard the Amicitia where its mast broke and killed three people has revealed wood rot as the cause.SHOW FULLSCREENSource: ANP/Kappers Media/Dutch Safety BoardThe Harlingen’s mast had suffered wood rotzoom inzoom outThe Dutch Safety Branch report revealed that there was no maintenance plan for the mast in question. The mast certificate issued in 2012, which was valid until 2018, caused the captain to think that this safety critical part of the ship met all safety requirements.”In order to guarantee the safety of passengers, the historic ships sector must professionalise. With the commercial growth of the past decades, a backlog has been built up in knowledge and expertise about the safe maintenance of these special ships,” said the report.Insufficient safety checksThe Amicitia is one of 300 sailing ships in what is known as the ‘bruine vloot’, or brown fleet, which comprises of historic ships chartered for passengers.In the main, the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) is responsible for verifying that these ships and their owners comply with legal requirements under its role as a supervisor. But the report said that “In practice, the ILT does not appear to execute this responsiblity.”The body previously did inspections itself, but now has private approval bodies which conduct the fleet’s safety checks. The report added that these inspection bodies do not comply with the legal regulations and there is a lack of supervision from the Inspectorate.Worryingly, the Dutch Safety Board said that other parts of the vessel may not be adequately inspected, giving rise to multiple safety concerns.The board has recommended that the Dutch Charter Vessel Association (BBZ) create a professional standard in line with the commercial operation of the bruine vloot sector, develop a platform for knowledge sharing of historic ships maintenance and develop multi-year maintenance plans which cover safety critical components.Meanwhile, it wants approval bodies to take responsibility for the correct application of the law. They should reinspect wooden masts which were checked two and a half years’ ago as quickly as possible and check all community inland navigation certificates of passenger sailing ships reflect this.It wants the ILT to consult on the implementation of the secondary supervision and make the risk assessment of the bruine vloot explicit. It also wants structural coordination between the Dutch Accreditation Council and the ILT with special consultation on the allocation of roles. 

Source: Dutch tall ship deaths due to wood rot | News | Boating Business

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Marlow expands into new facilities31/03/2021Save articleMarlow Ropes expanded into new offices and factory space at its UK HQ in 2020, a move that has enabled the company to enhance its rope-making capabilities and increase capacity in key areas such as splicing and twisting yarn.Marlow Ropes has partnered with SailGP supplying lines for the event“With investment in its technical lab area which includes a new 100 tonnes tensile testing machine, amongst other testing equipment, it will allow an even greater commitment to R&D and innovation,” explained marketing manager Emma Donovan.“With over 200 years of experience and knowledge in the rope-making industry, Marlow’s technical ability is hard to rival.”Over the last two years Marlow Ropes has focused on sourcing sustainable and bio-based materials, reducing waste and lowering its carbon footprint.This has led to a partnership with SailGP, suppling the event with lines from its new eco-conscious ranges, including the bio-based Dyneema fibre for use onboard the high-speed F50 foiling catamarans and Blue Ocean dock lines made from 100% recycled waste from plastic bottles to aid docking logistics.The company is hoping to schedule a series of open day events once Covid restrictions allow, to show products, technical abilities, educational resources and production capabilities.

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NEWSSpeciality fibre business acquired06/09/2022Save articleDSM, including the Dyneema brand, has been acquired by Avient Corporation, provider of material solutions.SHOW FULLSCREENDyneema is used in various industry sectors including marineDSM will be renamed Avient Protective Materials and reported within the company’s Specialty Engineered Materials segment.“This next step in our specialty transformation expands our material offerings to provide solutions that require the highest level of performance in applications where failure is not an option,” said Robert Patterson, chairman, president and CEO, Avient Corporation.Dyneema, is a lightweight specialty fibre said to be 15 times stronger than steel.It is used in various applications including marine.The business includes six production facilities, four R&D centres and approximately 1,000 employees located around the world.“With the addition of the Protective Materials business, we have significantly increased the size of our fastest growing platform and firmly established Avient as a leader in the advanced composites space,” said Chris Pederson, president, specialty engineered materials, Avient Corporation. “We look forward to collaborating with our customers to deliver on the ever-increasing requirements of product performance, achievable through innovation and material science.”TopicsAcquisitionAvient CorportionDSMDyneemaIndustry News

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Four new Quick Cleats from Barton Marine | News | Boating Business

Four new Quick Cleats from Barton Marine18/10/2019Save articleNew for 2020 Barton Marine’s Quick Cleats are available in multiple sizes – for smaller and larger lines – providing an easy solution for securing lines.Barton Marine’s Quick Cleat provides the best alternative to tying knotsThe product is designed to enable guests to assist with jobs such as hanging fenders or securing a kayak without any knot tying knowledge.“Quick Cleat is an innovation that provides the best alternative to tying knots, securing numerous items for leisure craft and water sports, fishing and work boats,” explained Suzanne Blaustone, Barton MD.“When sailing single handed or with friends and family who may not have experience on the water, handling all the necessary tasks at the right time becomes stressful.”Sizes range from the 316 marine grade stainless steel 60040 which handles working loads up to 540kg and 6-10mm lines and large and small heavy-duty nylon Zytel by Dupont versions that have working loads of 70kg or 30kg.A fourth version which is designed to adhere to inflatables using a special adhesive is also available with a working load of 30kg.TopicsDeck Hardware

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Greener Dyneema to be trialled by racing team | News | Boating Business

Greener Dyneema to be trialled by racing team29/07/2021Save articleRoyal DSM, SABIC and CirculariTeam are joining forces to create recycled-based Dyneema using mixed plastic waste.The greener Dyneema will be produced by DSM using SABIC’s certified circular ethylene. The new material will be piloted by the 11th Hour Racing Team when they take to the water using Marlow Grand Prix ropes made with the recycled Dyneema fibre instead of the standard offering. There are also plans to trial the new product in a pelagic trawl net application.Jon Mitchell, Marlow Ropes MD said the company was proud to be one of the first manufacturers to demonstrate the material’s feasibility. “Our products are trialled and tested by professional offshore sailing teams including 11th Hour Racing Team, a proud partner of ours at Marlow, with whom we share a progressive approach to seeking sustainable solutions: no more business as usual,” he said.Reducing waste and emissionsThe circular ethylene, from SABIC’s TRUCIRCLE portfolio, uses mixed plastic waste. This approach prevents plastic from becoming waste, reduces carbon emissions by avoiding incineration and helps preserve fossil resources.Jan-Lodewijk Lindemulder, president of DSM Protective Materials said that the pilot was a key milestone on the journey towards delivering a fully circular Dyneema. “By working with partners from across the value chain, we are able to significantly reduce the environmental impact of the world’s strongest fibre – and we will continue to explore ways of reducing and eliminating waste across the entire product lifecycle,” he said.TopicsExterior Fitting Out

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5-years of development01/09/2022Save articleSarca Excel anchors from Anchor Right will be among the products being shown at SIBS 2022 by Jimmy Green Marine.SHOW FULLSCREENThe Sarca Excel anchors were first produced in Australia in 1997The anchors – which were first produced in Australia in 1997 – are certified as Super High Holding Power.Features of the anchor include self-righting moment due to a cast filled ballast providing a low centre of gravity, a seabed-hunting toe to find the most advantageous holding ground and a cutting-edge fluke concept that is 70% convex and 30% concave with part of the concave section making up the cutting edges.The convex design ensures minimal mud is taken on board when the anchor is raised.The fluke apertures allow water to be dragged through while the anchor is being set and work in reverse when the anchor is being retrieved.The anchor also has a hot dip galvanised finish for marine grade protection against rust, no roll bar, tangle resistant concept, bulbous, a stainless-steel cutting toe and a strong shank.Anchor Right Claims that the Sarca Excel is the deepest diving anchor on the market, performing in heavy weed and multiple forms of sea-bed substrate.Jimmy Green is the exclusive Anchor Right distributor for the UK and Europe with a stock holding of anchors from 7.5kg to 88kg.TopicsAnchorAnchor RightChandleryEvents & ShowsJimmy Green MarineSarca ExcelSIBSSouthampton International Boat Show

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