Marlow ropes take personnel insertion and extraction to new heights.

Marlow ropes take personnel insertion and extraction to new heights.
Marlow have developed 3 new S.P.I.E. (Special Patrol Insertion and Extraction) ropes. The standard SPIE for land based activities, the SPIE WPX and the SPIE DPX for waterborne operations.
Marlow were the first company to develop the F.R.I.E.S. (Fast Rope Insertion & Extraction System). Designed as a multi use product for rapid personnel deployment and extraction, this reduces the risk to helicopters and personnel.
New for 2013 the Marlow S.P.I.E. takes development of extraction ropes further as well as increasing the number of personnel from 6 to 12 who can be transported with increased safety. The S.P.I.E. has an integrated loop system which is colour coded for easy personnel attachment. The green primary loop holds the load under normal conditions. The larger red loop offers a back up if the primary attachment is miss aligned or in the unlikely event of a failure will carry the load.
There is a further yellow loop at the top of the assembly where a short lanyard can be attached to aid S.P.I.E. retrieval. Particularly useful when attached to loading hook below the helicopter.
The standard S.P.I.E. is manufactured from Opti-Twist polyester which offers low shock loads and improves abrasion resistance. This S.P.I.E. works well on land and is heavy enough not to be affected by downdraft.
The S.P.I.E. WPX is a light weight floating option for waterborne operations. Manufactured from Polysteel the product floats allowing personnel to connect to the line from the water. The unique construction ensures low shock loads when personnel are lifted.
The S.P.I.E. DPX is manufactured from UHMPE which offers a super strong, lightweight and highly abrasion resistant option. The S.P.I.E. DPX can be used in both waterborne and land based operations. UHMPE is resistant to most chemicals and extended UV exposure.
Standard S.P.I.E. length is 40m, custom lengths can be manufactured on request. If you require further information please contact the Marlow head office.
Tel:  +44 (0) 1323 444 444
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