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BOATBUILDING New rope cutter from Yanmar 21/07/2023 Save article Yanmar Marine International (YMI) is introducing its first rope cutter, an easy-to-install safety feature designed solely for sailing yachts equipped with the Yanmar SD60 sail drive and fixed two or three blade propellers. SHOW FULLSCREEN Yanmar Marine International has introduced its first rope cutter The rope cutter is suitable for both mono hulls and catamarans, with the aim of enhancing safety and reducing maintenance costs and downtime. A circular saw blade is mounted directly onto the shaft behind the propeller which turns with the shaft to stop ropes, weeds, plastic and fishing lines from jamming between the cutlass and the propeller. It is available for OEMs or as a spare part. “As the industry’s first rope cutting solution designed exclusively for the SD60, the Yanmar Rope Cutter provides a simple and effective solution, preventing the need for external intervention should the propellor become compromised,” said Justin Hogen, product manager, Yanmar Marine International, said. “The issue of yacht propellers catching rope, nylon fishing lines, nets and other plastic hazards floating in the water is a problem faced by sailors, which can result in significant damage, costly repair bills and frustrating downtime. “When the propeller comes into contact with waste, it can wrap itself around the sail drive/propeller shaft which can prevent the shaft from rotating, and manoeuvring will become impossible.” The SD60 is a Yanmar designed and developed sail drive, available with two bell housing sizes for compatibility with the company’s 3JH5E, 3JH40, 4JH5E, 4JH45, 4JH4-TE, 4JH57, and 4JH80 engines. Topics Engines & Propulsion

Source: New rope cutter from Yanmar | News | Boating Business

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