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AFTERMARKET Barton brings new life to Tufnol blocks 14/07/2023 Save article Barton Marine has unveiled a number of new products including the resurrection of the Tufnol Tuphblox range. Originally developed following the second world war, these fabric-based laminated plastic blocks fell out of favour in the 1970s when fully plastic blocks became the norm. Source: Barton Marine Barton’s T-Track conversion inserts Now 50 years later, Barton has spotted the need to support heritage vessels worldwide and has relaunched the Tuphblox range. The company has also unveiled its new T-Track conversion insert, the ‘solution to a historical marine industry problem’. “If you go back in history the 32mm T-Track produced around the late 1970s and through the 1980s was 32mm with a 6mm lip,” said the company. “This has now moved to a 5mm lip as an industry standard. As such all the cars have been redesigned around this 5mm standard and the 6mm gap cars are no longer available. Older vessels with this 6mm track are now facing not only the cost of new cars but also replacement track.” To solve this problem, Barton has created inserts which can be fitted to any of the Barton 32mm Genoa cars, converting them from a 5mm to a 6mm track. Finally the company has released a new size 2 double stanchion lead block (N02290 – 2023 model). Mounted on to the stanchion base, the revised block now features a removable clevis pin and ring which allows for continuous furler lines to be easily installed in situ. Available in plain bearing or ball bearing configuration, this block fits 25mm diameter steel tubing and has a safe working load of 370kg. Topics Masts, spars, sails & rigging

Source: Barton brings new life to Tufnol blocks | News | Boating Business

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