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NEW PLAN TO ENCOURAGE WOMEN INTO SAILINGHOMENEWSINDUSTRY NEWSNEW PLAN TO ENCOURAGE WOMEN INTO SAILING07 Feb 2020EmailShareFacebookLinkedInTwitterPrintThe Sunsail Magenta team Credit: Kim Hollamby/British MarineINDUSTRY DATABASESUNSAIL LTDThe Magenta Project has joined forces with yacht charter company Sunsail to launch an innovative sailing initiative.Established five years ago, the Magenta Project aims to create equal access and opportunities for women in sailing and the wider marine industry. This latest initiative, Sunsail Magenta, follows the publication of the ‘World Sailing Trust’s Strategic Review into Women in Sailing’ in 2019 and hopes to encourage more women to take up sailing and compete in yacht racing.“We very much hope that this initiative with Sunsail will help to increase the recreational and competitive opportunities for women in sailing,” said Elaine Penhaul, chair of the Magenta Project. “The Strategic Review highlighted the serious issues that our sport has in providing opportunities and pathways for women keen to progress in sailing. While the results come as no surprise to most of us, we very much hope that it will act as a catalyst for change.”MentoringSunsail Magenta will deliver a number of sailing activities, including women only RYA sailing courses, race training courses, career opportunities and mentoring programmes. It will also offer opportunities to participate in mixed-gender teams at some of the UK’s biggest sailing events, including Cowes Week and the Sunsail Racing Series.Sunsail Magenta has already attracted support from leading figures in the world of women’s sailing, including Dee Caffari MBE, the first woman to sail solo, non-stop, around the world and British Paralympic gold medal winner Helena Lucas MBE. An ambassador for The Magenta Project, Helena will teach and mentor on Sunsail Magenta courses.

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