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Rob Andrews joins Foiling World

27 Nov 2017

Rob Andrews is a co-director of Foiling World

Rob Andrews has joined Foiling World as co-director.

Mr Andrews, who has been involved with Foiling World’s F101 dinghy since August, has been helping to convert the pre-production prototypes into a production version.

“It has all been about attention to detail, such as working with Hyde Sails on the trampoline fitting and specification detail,” he said.

“Confirming with Harken exactly which block or fitting will be used in each specific position and which small change are made to the bespoke fittings as they go into production.”

He added: “When the opportunity came to join as a co-director, I jumped at the chance.”

The production version is now available with the first customers trying their boats in Spain in December.

The F101 trimaran is aimed at making foiling easier for club sailors.

Mr Andrews has been involved with the Land Rover BAR team in the run up to the last America’s Cup and had a similar role developing the SB20.

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