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Five years for the TIWAL dinghy

27 Nov 2017

The TIWAL dinghy has been redesigned to mark its fifth anniversary

The TIWAL sailing dinghy is celebrating five years since it launched at the Düsseldorf Boot Show.

To mark the occasion, in January, the company will show its upgraded inflatable dinghy – more practical, comfortable and affordable than previous versions.

The dinghy – that comes in two bags – received some skepticism when it was first launched, however now 750 boats have been sold in 45 countries.

The new design has a new sail but is still sold with no boom with its surface adapting to the wind strength.

“The TIWAL evolves with our skippers. They bring it to life and we develop the product for them,” explained designer Marion Excoffon.

“Another important development is the overall balance of the boat which has been redesigned.

“The dinghy is more streamlined and responsive, especially in strong winds. Wing cushions have also been added to the TIWAL range of accessories.”

The dinghy can be used on the sea or lakes. It can be transported in a car and assembled in 20 minutes.

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