Survival Of The Arctic

“This is very much about trying to raise awareness of how much better we need to be doing. Obviously, I’m inspired by previous Arctic sailing expeditions, but it will be bittersweet to pull this off.”  A headache for Ella when we spoke was not marine-related at all – securing permission to dock in Russia is not easy. If all goes to plan, she will return to the Solent in October. The boat will be sold, and its proceeds donated to the charities Polar Bears International and Ocean Conservancy.   So, does anything keep her awake in the small hours? Only that ‘to-do’ list. “What keeps me motivated, though, is the thought of the day when the boat‘s ready and the feeling of slipping lines.”  The climate needs more people like Ella. We all do. Follow Ella’s progress and make a donation to the charities mentioned.   

Source: Survival Of The Arctic

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