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NEWSColoured carbon fibre investment15/07/2022Save articleUK advanced materials and technology firm Hypetex, manufacturer of coloured carbon fibre, has received £1.25 million in new equity investment.SHOW FULLSCREENHypetex has received equity investment to advance its growth plansThe investment is the latest round of Hypetex’s seed funding, led by 24Haymarket, to support growth plans and help scale the business’s footprint.Hypetex’s technology has been developed to enable the sustainable colourisation of advanced materials while maintaining and improving their performance properties.“This new investment is testament to what we have achieved so far at Hypetex,” Marc Cohen, Hypetex CEO, explained. “The composites market is growing at a rapid pace, and we are well positioned to accelerate the use of our coloured advanced materials and be a key part of that as we develop exciting new product streams for the sector.”The process uses a water-based resin system and a low-energy curing process, with the finished coloured composite materials able to be used in a range of products – including boatbuilding. The need for the addition of paint is removed.Neil MacDougall, new chairman of the board for Hypetex, added: “Hypetex brings proprietary colourisation technology to the rapidly growing global composites market. This investment will enable Hypetex to further build on its unique market position in this growing $150 billion industry.”The company is also in the process of expanding its product range to include natural fibre products aimed at introducing additional sustainability benefits to the manufacturing of more eco-friendly lightweight products.TopicsBoatbuildingcarbon fibrecomposites

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