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NEWSSouthampton Uni in SuMoth ChallengeBy Rebecca Strong16/06/2022Save articleA team from Southampton University is taking part in a challenge to design, build and race a sustainable International Moth.The SuMoth Challenge takes place at Foiling Week on Lake Garda, Italy from 26 June to 3 July and will feature ten teams of students representing five countries competing for a share of a prize pot worth €7,500.(l-r) Pin-Hong (Malaysia), Sebastian (Poland/Japan), Louis (France), Finlay (UK), president & skipper Hattie (UK), Edward (UK) Photo: Southampton SuMoth TeamOne such team is headed up by 21-year-old Hattie Rogers who is in her fourth and final year studying Ship Science Engineering at the University of Southampton. The aim is to build a high-performance sailboat based on the Foiling Week’s three pillars of accessibility, sustainability and safety.The International Moth is currently the fastest single-handed sailing dinghy on the planet and can reach speeds of 30 knots by the means of the two foils which help the boat ‘fly’ over the water.Three-part challengeThe SuMoth Challenge is a three-stage competition assessing boat design, manufacturing and racing. The boats’ designs need to comply with a strict budget and should be low-carbon and use bio-based and recycled materials as far as possible. Teams are also challenged to reflect on the social impact of their manufacturing process and supply chain as well as tackle sailing’s reputation as a niche, inaccessible sport.The Southampton SuMoth team of six engineering students aims to create the design using natural fibres, recycled cores, recyclable resins and second-hand parts and has brought on board a number of local companies including Maguire Boats, Marlow Ropes, Sanders Sails, Harken UK, Jeremy Rogers and Shock Sailing.The International Moth has two hydrofoils enabling it to ‘fly’ over the water Photo: Sail WorldTopicsEnvironment & Sustainability

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