Boating Business | Greener Dyneema to be trialled by racing team

GREENER DYNEEMA TO BE TRIALLED BY RACING TEAMHOMENEWSFITTING OUTEXTERIOR FITTING OUTGREENER DYNEEMA TO BE TRIALLED BY RACING TEAM29 Jul 2021EmailShareFacebookLinkedInTwitterPrintThe new recycled-based Dyneema will be made using plastic waste Photo: Abdul Raheem Mohamed/EyeEmINDUSTRY DATABASEMARLOW ROPES LTDRoyal DSM, SABIC and CirculariTeam are joining forces to create recycled-based Dyneema using mixed plastic waste.The greener Dyneema will be produced by DSM using SABIC’s certified circular ethylene. The new material will be piloted by the 11th Hour Racing Team when they take to the water using Marlow Grand Prix ropes made with the recycled Dyneema fibre instead of the standard offering. There are also plans to trial the new product in a pelagic trawl net application.Jon Mitchell, Marlow Ropes MD said the company was proud to be one of the first manufacturers to demonstrate the material’s feasibility. “Our products are trialled and tested by professional offshore sailing teams including 11th Hour Racing Team, a proud partner of ours at Marlow, with whom we share a progressive approach to seeking sustainable solutions: no more business as usual,” he said.Reducing waste and emissionsThe circular ethylene, from SABIC’s TRUCIRCLE portfolio, uses mixed plastic waste. This approach prevents plastic from becoming waste, reduces carbon emissions by avoiding incineration and helps preserve fossil resources.Jan-Lodewijk Lindemulder, president of DSM Protective Materials said that the pilot was a key milestone on the journey towards delivering a fully circular Dyneema. “By working with partners from across the value chain, we are able to significantly reduce the environmental impact of the world’s strongest fibre – and we will continue to explore ways of reducing and eliminating waste across the entire product lifecycle,” he said.

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