Boating Business | 35 tonne rigging press moved to Europe

35 TONNE RIGGING PRESS MOVED TO EUROPEHOMENEWSAFTERMARKETMASTS, SPARS, SAILS & RIGGING35 TONNE RIGGING PRESS MOVED TO EUROPE10 May 2021EmailShareFacebookLinkedInTwitterPrintOYS’s rod rigging press has been transported to DenmarkINDUSTRY DATABASEOCEAN YACHT SYSTEMS LTDWhat is believed to be the largest rod rigging head press in the world has arrived at BSI Group headquarters in Denmark, following a huge logistical operation.The press, originally built for OYS weighs more than 35 tonnes, stands 4m tall and runs on hydraulic pressure up to 600 bar. It has the ability to head standing rigging up to a break load of 1,600,000lb.The press was built to complete the rigging on the 70m Mirabella V in 2003 whose rod has a break load of 750,000lbs.Subsequent projects after Mirabella V include superyacht projects around the world.“Following the acquisition of OYS rigging into the BSI Group of companies at the end of 2020, it made good commercial sense to bring the press to Denmark,” said Morten Madsen, BSI Group CEO. “With the press here in Denmark we will continue to service OYS service agents and customers, and we can now increase the capabilities and our offering to BSI Rigging customers also.”

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