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OCEAN RACE EUROPE TO COLLECT CLIMATE DATAHOMENEWSINDUSTRY NEWSOCEAN RACE EUROPE TO COLLECT CLIMATE DATA19 Apr 2021EmailShareFacebookLinkedInTwitterPrintFitting of the microplastic data equipment Photo: Jesus Renedo/Volvo ABINDUSTRY DATABASEVOLVO OCEAN RACETeams taking part in the inaugural Ocean Race in Europe will carry equipment on board to capture data on microplastics and the impact of climate change on our oceans.Two classes of boat will take part in the race held in May and June this year – the IMOCA 60s and VO65s. Two VO65 teams – AmberSail2 and W Ocean Racing – will take samples of microplastics as they race whilst the 11th Hour Racing Team’s IMOCA 60 will take continuous measurements of indicators of climate change such as levels of carbon dioxide, sea temperature and salinity.The data collected will be passed to organisations that are studying and mapping these issues, including the European Commission funded EuroSea, the Surface Ocean Carbon Dioxide Atlas, GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel and Utrecht University. “We know how important the ocean is, not just to the sport we love, but in regulating the climate and providing us with food, jobs and the oxygen we breathe,” said Mairéad O’Donovan, The Ocean Race’s Science Programme lead.Understanding ocean health“By capturing data about the state of our seas, through this unique collaboration between sailors and ocean research organisations, we are able to contribute to increased understanding of ocean health,” she added.The Ocean Race launched its science programme, part of its ‘Racing with Purpose’ sustainability initiative, during the 2017-18 edition of the round-the-world sailing race. For the next edition in 2022-23 the science programme will be expanded further, with even more boats carrying specialised equipment.


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