Boating Business | Crewsaver unveils new safety lines at METSTRADE

CREWSAVER UNVEILS NEW SAFETY LINES AT METSTRADEHOMENEWSBOATBUILDINGSAFETYCREWSAVER UNVEILS NEW SAFETY LINES AT METSTRADE22 Nov 2019EmailShareFacebookLinkedInTwitterPrintThe Crewline Pro range Photo: CrewsaverINDUSTRY DATABASECREWSAVER LTDCrewsaver has launched a range of new safety lines.The Crewline Pro safety line range is designed for those who have a need to tether to a yacht in unstable conditions, where there may be risk of falling overboard.“Our goal is to introduce a brand-new safety line range, for those in high performance racing environments, where nothing but the best technology will do,” explained Crewsaver’s commercial director, Matt Bridge.The full rangeSelf-locking safety hooks with a wide opening allow the user to easily attach the Crewline Pro to the lifejackets or safety harness attachment point and a suitable anchor point on the yacht as required.The hydrophobic webbing helps to keep the safety line as light as possible, even in the harshest environments, as it reduces the amount of water absorbed compared with more conventional safety lines. The range is available in four models including elastic and non-elastic with a choice of a single, double or triple hook set up.  Crewline Pro is ISO 12401 approved and includes an overload indicator which is activated once placed under an excessive load of 400kg. The range will be available from March 2020.

via Boating Business | Crewsaver unveils new safety lines at METSTRADE.

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