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Harken’s Fly Block – on show at this year‘s SIBS Photo: Harken



Sailboat hardware and accessories manufacturer, Harken, will be unveiling a range of new products at this year’s Southampton International Boat Show powered by Borrow a Boat.

Among the products the firm will be showing are its high-load Fly Blocks developed specifically for use with high-tech line, Element Blocks and the Reflex 3, its new furling unit for use on larger mono and multihulls.

Fly Blocks

The Fly blocks are available in three sizes – 18, 29 and 40mm – with the larger two featuring a one-piece titanium sheave that doubles as the outer bearing race for their stainless steel ball bearings. Fly Block sideplates are fibre-reinforced composite are suitable for use on foiling dinghies and sport-boats and for vang cascades and backstay systems on Grand-Prix racers.

“Fly Blocks offer the strength previously found only in larger blocks, with increased efficiency, all in a much smaller package,” said Matt Schmidt, leader of the Fly Blocks development project. “Taken together, it means increased potential performance.”

Reflex 3

Following on from the Reflex furling units 1 and 2, Harken now offers the Reflex 3. With a rated maximum working load of 4.5 tonnes the Reflex 3 furls asymmetric spinnakers on monohulls with typical boat lengths of 13 – 17.7m and multihulls of 12 –16.7m; code zero sails on monohulls 12 – 16.5m and multihulls 11–15m.

The 13mm torsion cable combines a layer of steel braid with an 11mm Dyneema core whilst a polymer cable jacket protects against abrasion. Each system comes with an attachment for the bow fitting or sprit and additional attachments are available for increased flexibility.

Element Blocks

Element blocks combine a bearing system with forged aluminium side-plates, designed to protect the fibre-reinforced nylon sheaves, resulting in a block that is said to be durable, efficient and value for money. The range of blocks is offered in singles, doubles, triples, fiddles and footblocks. They accept line from 8 – 16mm and come in 45, 60 and 80mm sizes.

“Element is a product for sailors, no matter if they are cruisers or racers,” said project manager, Jeremy McMahon.

Southampton International Boat Show runs from 13 – 22 September.

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