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NORTH SAILS RELEASES NEW RANGEHOME NEWSAFTERMARKETMASTS, SPARS, SAILS & RIGGING NORTH SAILS RELEASES NEW RANGE24 Jun 2019EmailShareFacebookLinkedInTwitterPrintNorth Sails’ 3Di NORDAC is a molded cruising sail Photo: North SailsINDUSTRY DATABASENORTH SAILS UK LTDNorth Sails has launched a suite of new sails including a reinvented dacron cruising sail, the 3Di NORDAC.Also newly released is the new generation 3Di Ji-4 Jib for Melges 20, a new RJF radial jib for the Lightning and a new Stealth S-5 mainsail.Molded designRather than using traditional sailcloth the 3Di NORDAC is made by molding polyester into a unified composite structure giving a smoother shape which is said to be better at resisting stretch and distortion.In development for more than two years, the 3Di NORDAC is made much like a fibreglass sailboat – with a solid core of fused polyester meaning the sail will not delaminate and is heat, humidity and UV resistant.Software simulationNorth Sails 3Di technology is also put to use with a new jib for the Melges 20 designed using the company’s membrane software which simulates sail structure and design. “Simulating the data collected from the North team racing on the [Melges 20 world championship] circuit with our in-house software, we were able to create a new generation of jib,” said class leader, Giulio Desiderato.The new RJF radial jib for the Lightning sets and trims to match with the MF-2 (Fisher) mainsail. The goal was to develop a jib with similar shape to the JF-2, using a radial construction to maximise the sail’s ability to hold its shape.Finally, the new Stealth S-5m mainsail has been developed from the success of the S-4 shape. Lighter than earlier designs, the S-5 has an improved corner patch to reduce wear and fatigue in the tack and clue areas. “It’s going to be the go-to sail for all Paper Tiger sailors,” commented North Sails Paper Tiger class expert, Derek Scott.

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