Boating Business | Peters & May ‘not at fault’ in yacht loss

PETERS & MAY ‘NOT AT FAULT’ IN YACHT LOSSHOME NEWSINDUSTRY NEWS PETERS & MAY ‘NOT AT FAULT’ IN YACHT LOSS30 May 2019EmailShareFacebookLinkedInTwitterPrintMY SONG salvage operation taking place off the coast of Menorca. Photo: MSC Marine Claim Services GermanyINDUSTRY DATABASEPETERS & MAY LTDA collapse of the yacht’s cradle is thought to be the reason why an award-winning superyacht fell from a cargo vessel during transportation between the Caribbean and Mediterranean seas.The 130ft My Song, built in 2016 by Baltic Yachts and owned by YCCS member Pier Luigi Loro Piana, fell during the journey from Palma to Genoa resulting in her loss overboard.Peters & May had been hired for the yacht’s transport.“We were informed of the loss of a yacht from the deck of the MV Brattinsborg on 26 May 2019,” said chief executive, David Holley in a statement. “The yacht is sailing yacht My Song.”Upon receipt of the news Peters & May instructed the captain of the MV Brattinsborg to attempt salvage whilst third party salvors were appointed.”Full investigation“A full investigation into the cause of the incident has been launched. However, the primary assessment is that the yacht’s cradle – owned and provided by the yacht, warrantied by the yacht for sea transport and assembled by the yacht’s crew – collapsed during the voyage from Palma to Genoa and subsequently resulted in the loss of My Song overboard.“I will add that this is the initial assessment and is subject to confirmation in due course.“As a leading yacht transporter for the past 40 years, we take great pride in what we do and go above and beyond all standard operating procedures to ensure safe transit of all yachts carried by us. We have procedures in place to respond to this kind of incident, although we hope that they are never required.”This incident is more than regrettable, however the transport of yachts on cargo vessels continues to be one of the safest and most cost-effective solutions when carried out by a reputable company such as Peters & May.”

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